Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Caves, horseshoes, and target shooting

I haven't posted for a few days because we have been very busy, but now I want to tell you about our weekend. My wife and I got on the motorcycle last Saturday and went to two caves. We went to Cosmic Caverns and also Onyx Cave here in Arkansas. We enjoyed them very much. Cosmic Caverns has a lot of beautiful stalactites hanging from the ceiling and also mineral formations that look like flowing rock. I hope you enjoy the pictures I included. There are two bottomless lakes in Cosmic Caverns and they have huge trout swimming in them. The trout are not native to the lakes and they usually go blind and lose their color in a few years. The ones we seen hadn't lost their color yet, but they were very big. Our tour guide said that the trout actually have a longer life span than normal in the cave. Onyx cave is smaller than Cosmic Caverns but its a very nice cave also. Once again there is a lot of formations and a lot of green in the rock that looks like onyx, but I believe its not really onyx. Its a safer cave to visit than Cosmic Caverns but not quite as interesting. We took a lot of pictures. Sunday my brother and his wife came to visit us and my wife and I played horseshoes with them. It was my wifes first time to play horseshoes, and also she had not visited a cave before, so this weekend was a time of much interest and fun for her. It gives me great joy to see her get to experience new things and have fun. I live through her and her happiness is also my happiness. She did a great job at pitching horseshoes and made some ringers. She even threw the winning point at least once or twice. I was very proud of her. My brother and I also did a lot of target shooting. He had bought some new guns that are very nice and we enjoyed shooting them a lot. We cooked some pork ribs outside on an open fire and ate those with corn on the cob and rice. We had a very good time and I hope we can do it again soon. Ok my wife says that our food is ready now so I have to go. Everyone have a wonderful week!

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