Sunday, August 9, 2009

Chickens, pens, and houses

My wife and I have decided that we want to have some chickens, so we will have more healthy meat to eat, and also fresh eggs. This weekend we bought stuff to build a chicken house and a pen for them. We worked out in the heat on the chicken house and we got a lot accomplished. Its not going to be a beautiful house but maybe the chickens will think it is. We have found some chickens online and surprisingly they can be mailed to our local post office. Its illegal to ship them right to our door because the postal service are not allowed to leave them without knowing how long it will be before someone gets home and finds them. I read a few years ago that although it has been proven that eggs have high cholesterol, fresh eggs from chickens that eat mostly what nature provides, don't have much cholesterol. Now my wife and I can eat all the eggs and chicken we want and won't have to worry about our health so much. I'll keep you posted on how the pen and house are coming. Still lots of work to do. Then its onward and upward to build a porch for the house, and lots more work we have planned. Everyone have a great week!

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