Thursday, August 13, 2009

Chickens, dogs, and summer heat

My wife and I are still working on building our chicken house. Now we have the walls all built, and next we have to put on the roof and build a door. Then we will put in some roosts for the chickens. We ordered our chickens last night so they should be coming in the mail pretty soon. We got fifty while chickens that will be just for meat, and we got thirty five chickens that are different colors and breeds. Those will be our laying chickens and they were pretty expensive. We are excited to get them. We also have to build our pen to keep them in. The house is just for them to sleep in at night or when the weather is bad. Our chicken house is built from native oak from a local sawmill and it is a very strong house! I think it would stand through more abuse than our house that we live in. We are proud of it and we have worked very hard in the summer heat to build it. Hopefully we can get the wire fence put up this weekend so our pen will be finished. We will have to heat the little house at night, even though it is summer, because the chickens we ordered will only be a few days old when we get them. They won't have any feathers yet and will get cold easily. This is our first venture into raising animals so we are excited. Well we do have one rooster and our little dog Blanche so I guess its not our very first venture. Blanche is so cute. She is half Bassett Hound and half something else. We think Beagle. She is long and low to the ground, not real smart, but she makes up for it with exuberance for life and friendliness. She chases the wildlife here all the time lol. The deer and squirrels fear and dread her mightily! Anyway, I will put in a picture of our new chicken house when we get it finished, and when our chickens get here I will post some pics of them also. Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Wow! chicken raising. I tried chicken raising before but it diddn't work for some reasons.
    Keep it up and good Luck!

    i am excited to see the pics.

  2. when my late own father was still alive we used to have lots of chicken, goats, pigs, turkey in our backyard, its really fun and amazing. all of us can not afford to kill any one of them for dinner but instead we just bought something in the market. Raising those little fellow feels like they are member of the family. I adore you guys of doing such keep it up