Monday, August 17, 2009

My wife and I took a nice motorcycle ride to the Golden Museum

Wow we had fun! We decided to go visit a museum that is about 65 miles from where we live and we thought it would be nice to ride our motorcycle. It was beautiful weather, warm but not real hot. This little museum is located in Golden Missouri, which is just about a one hour drive from Branson. Golden is basically just a community, not really a town but there is this museum there that is amazing. You probably wouldn't even notice it when you drive by because it is housed inside a metal building and looks more like a convenience store than a museum. I had been there once many years ago but I wanted to take my wife to see it as she is recently here from the Philippines. I am glad we went because the museum has expanded much larger than it was before. There are many Native American items such as arrowheads and pictures made from arrowheads and lance heads. There are bone tools, hollow rocks used like a motar and pestle to grind grains, headdresses, and many other items. There are also dishes! When I say dishes I don't just mean dishes, I mean DISHES! Literally tens of thousands of them in every shape and color. Many are priceless I am sure. There is crystal, depression glass, slag glass, and so many others that it would take days to really look at each one. I am not usually interested in things like that but they are so beautiful and the displays are so neat that we took many pictures. There is one room that contains some dishes that are a pale green, and you can turn on a black light and they all glow a unearthly green. So lovely and kind of eerie at the same time. The museum also has many other items, such as a real voodoo doll from New Orleans. It is much bigger than I expected and has many huge nails driven in it. I can see why someone would be intimidated by a person that said they knew how to use one. None of that evil eye stuff for me! There are also huge crystal rock displays. Some are the largest in the world. There are many other beautiful rock displays. Some are so heavy that I can't imagine how they got them in the museum. There is even petrified dinosaur dung. From the size of it let me tell you that if a dinosaur ever suffered from irregularity, something would have to give pretty soon, and you wouldn't want to be near! There is also some nice pieces of petrified wood and a huge collection of old lunch boxes, another collection of old dolls and toys, one of beautiful fans and another of ancient artifacts with some dating back as far as 4000 years. There are also guns! Lots and lots of guns. Most of them very old. There is even an old blunderbuss, some civil war muskets, and a palm pistol, cannon balls, you name it, its probably in the museum. Oh I nearly forgot about the animal colletion. There are several mounted animals that are in a display that shows their natural habitat and lifestyle. Everything from a small black bear to raccoons, to foxes, to squirrels, a bobcat, a largemouth bass trying to swallow another one nearly as big. That one includes a picture of the guy that caught them holding them up with one sticking out of the other ones mouth. We had a great time! Now let me tell you one of the best things about this museum, its free! Thats right, I said free. There is a collection box that you can give a donation if you want but nobody asks you too and if you don't want too its fine. The museum belongs to an individual and in my opinion its a great museum with many priceless items inside. My thanks to the nice gentleman that owns it for donating so much of his time, money, and efforts to collecting and displaying so much wonderful history for all to see. I hope all of you will someday go to this museum. If you ever go to Branson Missouri on vacation just look on the map and you will see Golden Missouri nearby. You can't miss the museum if you know about it and look for it. There is only one road through Golden and the museum is right beside it.

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