Thursday, August 6, 2009

Flu, songs, dancing, and guitars

I guess flue season must be here because I just recovered from it. The flu not the season. At least I hope I am recovered from it. I was so sick that I nearly decided to go lie down at the funeral home for awhile, just in case! Anyway I feel better now but I'm starting to think that flue vaccinations may be worthwhile. Now I'm just hoping that my wife doesn't get it too. Maybe we all should get flu shots to make sure that we don't have some miserable days aching and sick. I went to work even though I had the flu and it was pretty much the longest day of my life. I didn't think I could bear to stay but I made it, a minute at at time. When quitting time finally came I staggered to my truck, came home, and went to sleep in my chair. Then it was a little chicken noodle soup, and lots more sleep. Today I felt better. I just downloaded Billy Curringtons song, God is great, beer is good, people are crazy and that pretty much expresses my sentiments sometimes, although I don't drink beer. Its a catchy song and matches his voice. I don't usually like the newer music, no matter what genre it is, but the song took my fancy and I downloaded it. Now my wife and I have been listening to it over and over and she likes it too and can't be still when it plays lol. She loves music and her body moves naturally when an enjoyable song plays. I on the other hand have no coordination below the waist. I like to play music and used to play in bands, even made a couple of records and was on tv, but dance I can't do. If anyone was ever born with thumbs on their feet it must have been me. Someday when I get enough energy to walk to the next room I will take pictures of some of my guitars and post here. I have one that is a 5 string fretless bass guitar, handmade. I don't play very often nowadays but I need to get back into it, at least for fun. Everyone have a great upcoming weekend!

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