Sunday, August 2, 2009

What a mess I made today

My wife and I live in the country and we decided that we want to get some chickens. We need a chicken house of course so they have a place to stay at night so today I had this bright idea that I could move a small old hunting cabin our our property to the site where want out chicken pen to be. I thought it would make a nice chicken house. Well, it probably would have, except that when I hooked the tractor to it and started pulling it, it fell apart a piece at a time lol. I got it to within 50 feet of where we wanted to put it and it just fell to pieces. What a mess and right in the yard too. So we spent half the day cleaning up the mess it made and I got stung 2 times by wasps, and sunburned. I'm going to be glad to go back to work tomorrow because I need some rest! We mowed our lawn today and then I mowed some extra with the tractor and brush cutter. All that before I broke the cabin. Its been a long day, but you know what? Its still been a great day, because I got to spend it with my lovely sweet wife. We enjoy each others company so much and when I told her that I messed up by trying to move the cabin she just said, "no you didn't". I told her that next time I get a bright idea to tell me "nooooooooo don't do that". Anyway, half of today was pretty productive and the other half wasn't. I really thought that old cabin would hold together for the short distance I had to move it. Now I'm inside nursing my wasp stings and having a drink. A shower never felt so good. Yesterday my wife and I cooked outside on an open fire. I have another post below describing how we do it. The food is soooo good. We cooked shish-ka-bobs, shrimp, crawfish, and veggies and it was all good. I hope all of you had a wonderful weekend and hope the coming week is fruitful for you.

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