Thursday, July 30, 2009

Rants on healthcare

When in Rome, do as the Romans do. When in doubt...... uh..... well..... do as the doubters do I guess. I really don't know what this post is about yet. I got myself a drink, signed into blogger, then decided that I feel prosaic. I'm just going to talk and let my words come as they will. No big deal, this post won't change the world, but maybe I will sleep better. Ok here we go. Health care! I'm not a political person. I usually hate politicians and politics in general, ( I see them as a viable solution to our energy crisis, hot air can turn windmills!) but I want to speak of health care and what I think the problem is. I have no idea if Obama's plan will work. I think not but thats just me. The problem/problems with our health care system is/are this: Lets start at the bottom and work our way down. Ambulance chasing lawyers; They beg us and plead with us on tv commercials, newspapers, and however else they can think of, to file lawsuits against drug companies, doctors, our dogs manicurist, and anyone else who will be still long enough to get sued. Of course a lot of these lawsuits are successful or the lawyers couldn't afford the commercials. Someone has to pay for all of that,,,,,,, I'm waiting for your best guess.......... Thats right! Its you and me that pay. How do we pay? Ok lets again start at the bottom and work down. Think of the companies that manufacture machines for medical care and tests, such as MRI scanners, heart lung machines, EKG machines etc. Those machines would be expensive enough even if the research and workmanship was all thats involved. Maybe its not all thats involved though. Do lawsuits reach that far? I think they probably do, so built into the cost of those machines is probably very high dollar insurance to protect the manufacturers. Hospitals and doctors are also required to have insurance to protect them from the acl (ambulance chasing lawyers, and notice that I didn't capitalize it). We are not talking about $150 per month with a small deductible, we are talking about thousands, hundreds of thousands, millions of dollars spent to protect everyone down the line from frivolous lawsuits. We all pay for that, we have too or there are no more doctors or hospitals. A few get rich but the rest of us pay. To compound the problem, doctors get rich doing nothing but "recommending" patients for a test, such as an MRI scan. Years ago I saw a documentary on tv that discussed this, and they interviewed a doctor that had made more than $200,000 that year recommending patients for one single test. I forget what it was but he was getting a kick back from every person he sent for that test. He did nothing to help the patient, he just said "Hey you need an MRI scan" or whatever it was, and dollars fell into his lap. Once again, the rest of us pay! Whats the solution? Its easy but it won't happen. People need to "discover" that there are other people in this world, besides themselves. We need to stop thinking that money is worth any means we have to resort/ fall/ succumb/stoop too to get it. People, we only have a few short years here. Money won't go with you when you leave. Neither will fame but I'm not cursing at that in this post. Think of your fellow man and stop this foolishness of trying to get rich, no matter what it takes. We begin as dirt and we will end as dirt, so will money. What we do while we are here is what counts. Love, make love, live, eat, sleep, dream, weep, plan, but don't rob your neighbor of his life to make yours easier. People die every day because they can't afford proper medical care. Have a heart and consider that the lawsuit you win today may cost someones life tomorrow...... Ok time for bed,,, enjoy and g'nite!

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