Sunday, July 19, 2009

Live today, not yesterday or tomorrow

Today is the first day of the rest of my life! An old saying that I hadn't thought of in years, but its true. We need to only remember the past for the lessons it taught us, and for the good things that we had. I believe that life is a learning process and if we accept the lessons humbly and move on we can have a wonderful life. If we spend our lives dwelling on a few "horrible" happenings in our lives, then we can expect nothing more in the future. My wife and I have a saying, "whats past is past". I have observed in my life that we don't usually get what we want in life, but we do usually get what we expect. A person that sees things in a bad way seems to be a magnet for more bad things. I can't explain it but I have seen it too many times. Lets all live our lives from this day forward, and let our past go. Learn the lessons that come every day. Apply them today, but forget the pain that came with some of the lessons. No pain no gain! Everyone have a nice week...

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