Thursday, July 23, 2009

Perversion versus Decency

A lot of people, including myself, have been wondering why so many people are attracted to perversion. Its not funny anymore. My brother and I have been sitting here discussing why our government had a moment of silence for Michael Jackson and why so many people attended his memorial. How about soldiers that gave their lives willingly so we have the freedom to worship perverts like Michael? Where is their moment of silence and where are all the thousands that didn't come to their memorials? MJ provided entertainment. He made millions and he spent millions, mostly on himself for his own amusement. I'm going to say it right out and if it makes people mad then maybe it will also make them think. MJ was a perverted little man that intentionally made himself look like a freak. He probably played with little boys. There, I said it, big deal! If someone like that lived next door to you, you wouldn't let your children go outside. Just because someone is famous and/or rich doesn't give them the right to be perverts. Even if they bleach their skin and talk like a sissy. It worries me sometimes when I see what is respected in our country, but it worries me even more when I see what is dis-respected. Wake up people!

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