Monday, July 27, 2009

Cooking on an open fire

My wife and I have discovered something. We have been cooking outside using wood instead of charcoal. I was surprised at how easy it is to cook like that and how tasty the food is. So much better than using charcoal. Today we cooked a pork roast that we had highly seasoned, and also we cooked some veggies outside. We had corn on the cob and also rice with it and wow, so yummy! We built a firepit from rocks and put a grill on top. We made this high so the fire can burn freely without burning up the food. Then after placing food on the grill, we put the dome shaped top of our charcoal grill over it. That holds in the heat and smoke. We live in the country so this is easy, but maybe not so easy for people who live in town as there may be bans on having an open fire. Anyway you could use this technique while camping. The food comes out well cooked and soooooooo good! Try it if you can....

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