Saturday, July 18, 2009

My trip to the Philippines

I recently made a trip to the Philippines to bring back my wife. I married a lady there and I attended her visa interview in Manila. All in all my stay there was very interesting. It was my second trip there in 2 years. The thing that was most bothersome to me was the heat and humidity. It was winter and cold here when I left but when I arrived in Manila the heat was oppressive! I intended to stay at least 1 night with my wife's family but their home doesn't have air conditioning and by 8:00pm I was so hot that they asked me if I wanted to get a hotel room instead. I accepted gratefully lol. A cool shower and ac never felt so good. Anyway, the flight is sooooooo long! Usually they last from 13 to 15 hours time drags. If you go on a flight this long take my advice and try to get an aisle seat on the planes. Then when you need to stretch your legs or go to the bathroom, its easy.

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