Thursday, January 5, 2012

Paranoid wife

This guest post from Lewis Beck

My wife and I have both had a very stressful past couple months at our jobs. We realized we needed a quick getaway. It didn’t matter where we went, but we really needed to get away. My wife has always been worried about leaving the house. She is paranoid about what might happen while we are away. Thankfully, we are able to check on our house at any time through It is a great feature and we definitely take advantage of it. My wife worries about everything and I know she is always thinking someone is out to get us. I try to comfort her, but I honestly think she is crazy. I think it is something she learned from her mother. Her mom watches too much television and therefore always dreams up the strangest situations. Even though my wife makes fun of her mom, she is just like her. I hope one day she sees it and gets rid of her paranoia, but I am not hopeful for that to happen anytime soon.

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