Monday, January 30, 2012

Guns are fun, but also necessary to our society

I love to target shoot and my wife is getting more and more interested in it too. We went out this evening and spent about 30 minutes shooting. I bought her a small shotgun a few months back, but we found out the hard way that even a small shotgun can have a big recoil. My wife is small and it knocks her back about six inches every time she fires it. Even I get a pretty good wallop from that little gun.

Accurate shooting and the proper handling of guns is something that we should all learn, even if you are not into guns or shooting as a sport. Guns are a tool and sometimes go from being simply fun or useful, to being absolutely necessary. The gun control nuts need to check out the specs before they speak, because in nearly every country that has instituted gun control, the crime rate has soared. “Why”, you ask? It’s simple; crooks have nothing to fear from defenseless people, and they also often have illegal guns. They are already breaking the law anyway so what does it matter? It’s only common sense that tells a criminal that it’s much safer to break into an undefended house than one where the owner is armed and ready. It’s time for us as a nation to stop being helpless victims and depending upon a crooked government that can’t even help themselves, to take care of us. Our country wouldn’t exist in the free state that it is today if it wasn’t for guns, both past and present. Be a citizen, not a subject; Buy a gun and learn to use it!

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