Monday, January 30, 2012

Good display techniques mean more money for merchants

Have you ever been to a super nice exhibit and noticed that even the floor covering under the exhibit is elegant and accentuates the advertised products? This is called trade show flooring and is used by many merchants to better show off their wares. There are several different types of this floor covering, including trade show carpet. These floor coverings have interlocking pieces to make them easy to assemble and disassemble. In addition to carpet you can get hardwood flooring; such as bamboo, and floor tiles; such as vinyl or soft rubber. It's all pretty neat really and it's something that most of us see a million times but don't think that much about. We do however, notice the nice displays that usually accompany this type of floor covering. Merchants that care enough about their product to spend the extra time and effort to attract customers in this manner will usually sell more than merchants that are careless with how they show their wares.

Another way that vendors use to attract customers is to display their products under a logo canopy. People tend to notice and remember a logo canopy better than a plain non-informative canopy. Displayers at festivals and fairs often use this type of canopy.

It's interesting when you think of it, just how merchants attract our attention, but it works. A lot of thought goes into getting products noticed, because no matter how good your items are; if people don't pay it any attention, it doesn't sell. Logo canopies and trade show flooring and carpet are just a few of the ways that help facilitate a sale.

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