Sunday, August 29, 2010

A bone barometer rarely fails in weather predictions

I am curious about something. As we age we seem to develop a built in weather forecaster in our bones. I can personally vouch for this phenomenon. Right before a rain or change in the weather my lower back, and other parts as well, start aching. The severity of the pain depends upon the severity of the weather. Sometimes I feel like I have been beaten and have bruising, and even fever in my joints. I can’t figure out how the weather can affect my insides. Consider this; When rain is in the forecast the air gets heavier and more humid. I understand that, but how can it affect my bones and muscles? They are buried under my skin and flesh, which are already moist, so the humidity shouldn’t have any affect. I can’t believe that the air is heavy enough to put sufficient pressure to cause pain on a body that has always worked hard for its bread and butter. I could understand if the weather affected my skin, but penetrating to my very bones is impossible to believe, except that I have the proof in the pain I feel.

Another curiosity that I have noticed is that wild animals know when the weather is going to get bad. Right before a winter storm you will see scores of animals out trying to find food to tide them over. They too seem to have built in barometers. I wonder if their bones ache before a storm too………..

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