Thursday, August 12, 2010

Our packaged food won't keep a bug alive

I am tired! I must need some vitamins. It seems that I am never completely rested and energetic like I used to be. Could age have anything to do with that? I think I need vitamin B-12 in massive quantities. Maybe an IV hooked up to me at night would do the trick. Or maybe just a few good nights of sleep and no work would help.

Seriously, I am not alone in this. It seems that people just don't have the energy and drive that we used to have. Even kids often don't want to play physically. I know we are fat and spoiled, but I think we are also vitamin defficient from all the non-organic foods we eat. Have you noticed how even bugs don't bother most of our packaged food. Compare that to years ago when flour got weevils and anything left out of the frig was at risk of being inhabited by unwanted guests. Its sad when our food doesn't even have enough vitamins to keep a bug alive....... I wonder if the bugs feel tired too if they eat our food........

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