Saturday, August 28, 2010

Why didn’t I spend a few dollars on a good tarp to save myself a lot of money?

I have a bass boat sitting in my back yard. Several years ago it was a good boat but I left it uncovered for too many years and now it is ruined. I gave a lot of money for that boat, but now I have to replace the decks, carpet, all the seats, and probably do a lot of work on the motor before it will again be lake worthy. I have berated myself for not buying a good tarp to cover it. It would have only cost a few dollars and it would have saved a lot.

A friend of mine told me last week that it seems that I always have something expensive sitting my yard spoiling because I don't keep it covered. He recently bought a motorcycle from me that I had left uncovered for too long. I sold it to him for a fraction of the amount that I had invested in it. He had to do a lot of work on the bike before it would run. Once again if I had just spent the few dollars for a blue tarp to cover it, I could have saved thousands.

Guess what; now we have an ATV sitting outside. It needs to be covered badly. The fuel tank and fenders are already oxidizing and its aging rapidly. Here we go again. What I need to do is purchase a good quality canvas tarp so our ATV won't be the next weather related fatality in our yard. I had better do that right now or I will forget lol.

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