Saturday, August 28, 2010

New washing machine and dryer on the way!

We finally ordered our new washer and dryer! Finally we will be able to do our laundry here at home. The reason we haven’t done it before is because we have little water here. We live in the mountains, and although we have a deep well, it doesn’t produce enough for our needs. Now we have a small water tank to haul water, and we have bought a new large tank for storage. The idea is to use the small tank to haul water to fill the big one. We will put in a separate pump system for the storage tank. When its all finished we will have the stored water and also our well. In the meantime until we get the big tank installed, we will use the small tank to put extra water into our well when we do laundry. I know it sounds inconvenient, but to us it seems great. We usually drive to town on Friday afternoon, after I have worked all day, and all week, to do our laundry. It gets old! At least now we can do our laundry at our convenience. When everything is done we will probably have to haul a load of water 2 to 4 times per month. That is unhandy also, but once again we can do it at our convenience. We can make more than one load in a day if necessary. The stored water in the tank will probably last for a month even if we don’t refill it.

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