Monday, August 23, 2010

Feeling feverish

Last night my wife and I enjoyed each others company, teased and tickled each other, then went to bed. late in the night I woke to feel my wife shivering beside me. I asked her if she was cold, we had the ac going, and she said that she was very cold and didn't feel well. When I put my hand to her body I discovered that she was burning with fever. Today I don't feel very well but my wife is better. Hopefully I won't catch this. I had the flu so bad last winter that I thought I might die so it would be nice to miss this round of sickness.

We have no idea where my wife got the virus that made her sick. She hasn't been exposed to anyone but me since last weekend. Anyway hopefully this sickness is only a short one and hopefully we will both be fine tomorrow. I am working 6 days per week and I just don't have time or energy to be sick.

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