Sunday, August 22, 2010

Our yard looks like a wooded park

It is amazing how pretty a heavily wooded yard like we have is right after mowing and trimming. My wife and I got outside this morning before the worst heat of the day, and gave our yard a good trimming, then I got on the tractor and used the mower on it to trim up our wooded driveway and among the trees surrounding our house. We were so pleased when we finished, it looks great! This summer has been so hot and dry that we hadn’t mowed our yard for quite a long time. We got a nice shower of rain late yesterday evening so we thought it was safe to mow today. After mowing we cut down some poison ivy growing in the trees beside our driveway, then my wife cooked some burgers for us, outside on an open fire. Yummy!

My wife and I enjoy working together. I told her how proud I am of her after we finished mowing. She is from the Philippines and had never driven a riding mower or car before she came here. She is still not a licensed driver but she can drive pretty well now. I have been working 6 days a week and I have been pretty tired and haven’t felt like working much here on our property. I am glad the mowing is done. Now I can spend the hottest part of the day inside, with air conditioning and tv…….

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