Saturday, August 14, 2010

Our society is not fair

Weekend is finally here! It means a lot to have the time off when we work for a living, and it means even more when we work 6 days per week like I do. I resent the people who are able to work but don’t. Our society is set up to take care of everyone, even the lazy ones who refuse to work for their needs. Like I said, I resent that! I know how everything I have was bought, with my sweat and fatigue. For the lazy ones I say this, “You don’t deserve the special care that our government gives you, you have the right to starve”. My special peeve is that I work everyday but I can’t afford medical insurance, yet it is given to  the ones who won’t work, and the immigrants, both legal and illegal. Where is the fairness in that? Who said that the working American deserves less than the foreigners and lazy ones?

Who makes these laws? Why don’t we the taxpayers get to vote on them? Who has the nerve to say that we Americans, we the proud, the brave, have to pay the way for a bunch of worthless druggies and illegals to have their living handed to them free? Yes I said druggies. I used to work at a HUD subsidized apartment complex and I saw MANY druggies getting free or nearly free housing. I remember how I overheard some of them plotting ways to pass a drug test so they wouldn’t lose their government freebies. The unmitigated gall! What is our pansy government going to do when we all lay down and just quit?  Where will their easy living come from then? They are cut from the same bolt of worthless cloth as the druggies and lazies I am talking about, trash, but high on the social totem pole. That is what our government is. Let them compete with the illegals and druggies for their living when we all stop giving our earnings to them as tax dollars……….

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