Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The way to the top is not by walking on the feelings of others

I often wonder why so many people seem to think that the way to climb the social and career ladders is by putting down, and walking over other people. Have you ever spent time with someone that is always full of negativity? Everything you say they pop up and demean it, and you also. You say good morning and they find something wrong with it. You have an idea and they tell you how much it sucks. You tell an experience that you are proud of, and they grin knowingly and sneeringly around to make sure everyone knows that your story sucks as much as you do.  I know someone like that and surprisingly too many people go along with him; I think mostly to keep him from attacking them with his negativity, which of course he does anyway. Sometimes I lose patience with people like that. I get tired of hearing how my ideas and everyone else’s ideas suck. It seems weird to me that people that know all the answers seem to have so much trouble in their own lives. I often wonder if people like that realize what they are like and how they come across to others.

For those people let me say this. Making other people smaller certainly does not make you bigger. Demeaning others does not make you more important. You are who and what you are; be happy with yourself, and if you are not happy, then fix it! I cannot help but despise these people, because they are the anchors that hold so many people back. They create insecurity and malcontent. Often they are rabble rousers that make ordinarily peaceful people to become discontented. Usually this is because of what I said earlier, it is natural to most people to avoid trouble, so they will string along with the negative ones to keep his sharp words against other people than themselves. None of us know all the answers, but all of us, big or small, are unique. We all know SOME of the answers, even if we don't know ALL of them. I promise you that the lowest among us has answers to something that the negative ones do not. We can all learn from each other and what I have learned is to try to ignore the ones that try to make their path easier by walking on others. Well, I will ignore them as long as I can, and then I will be saying some negative words of my own. Hmmmm, I may be falling into their trap. Maybe spreading their bad attitude is what they desire.......

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