Thursday, August 12, 2010

I accidentally ran over a rattlesnake today

I was driving up our country road this morning, long before daylight, going to work, and for some reason I had snakes on my mind. In fact I have had snakes on my mind for the last couple of weeks. I am scared witless of snakes and this is the time of year that the locals call Dog Days. It is said that snakes are blind during Dog Days and will strike at anything that moves. Well my hunch paid off this morning. I rounded a corner, and there was a rattlesnake laying right in the road.

What could I do, I “accidentally” ran over him! Then I backed up to see if I had “accidentally” hit him with my tire, and when I drove off again I accidentally ran over him again. I was so ashamed of my driving. Before I finally went on to work I had accidentally ran over that snake 6 times! Supposedly rattlesnakes are protected by the game and fish commission but when one is laying right in the road, on a corner, they are hard to miss heheheee. Oh well, on a positive note maybe the children that live in the nearby house won’t get bitten now by a protected dangerous reptile, and I think my driving has improved….

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