Wednesday, August 11, 2010

How its made just provided me with the answer to all our problems!

  I enjoy watching “How its Made” on tv. Some of the everyday items we take for granted utilize a very involved process to produce. I had no idea how toothpicks were made. I envisioned small elves with small wood turning lathes making toothpicks one at at time. I was surprised to learn that there are no elves involved. Now I am watching them make a helicopter. Its just time filler though. I am really not interested in helicopters. I am killing time until the next segment that will show how they make beer hehehee.


They say that our nation is a consumer nation but watching How its Made has taught me that we do still have some skills. Perhaps we should take more pride in ourselves as a nation and a people, lose some weight, and use our spare time to produce even more to sell other countries. We might eventually pay off our national debt, or buy a new government, or if all that fails we can just use the extra labor as exercise to get rid of the excess pounds most of us are carrying…..

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