Saturday, August 14, 2010

Memories of my life as a student

I remember how we used to have our school lockers to keep our things safe, and a gym locker for Physical Education class. I never stopped to think where our school got the lockers. Now as an adult I realize that those lockers must have cost a lot of money, because there were hundreds of them. It would have been important to our small town school to save money when purchasing the lockers.

Lockers come in many varieties; standard, vented, designer, specialty, etc. Our gym locker room also had benches where we would sit to dress after showering off the grime of playing sports. We had so much fun in Physical Education class. I remember how we used to play football, basketball, foozeball, badminton, volleyball, and we even went bowling sometimes.  Not only did we stay in shape, we also had a blast!

That was many years ago, but I still have so many memories of how the coach let us vote if we wanted to pay outside on a cold day. We nearly always voted yes. When we divided into 2 teams we had the 'shirts' and the 'skins'. That meant that one team got to wear a tee shirt and the other team went bare. We all had shorts on so one team got colder than the other one. I recall how cold we got, but that just made us play harder. So many memories.....

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