Monday, August 9, 2010

Scrubs can be stylish

My sister is a scrub nurse, which means that she works in the surgery unit at a local hospital. She is the one like you see on tv that the doctor will say "scalpel" and she hands it to him. She is kind of the keeper of the surgery tools.  She used to work in an open heart surgery unit in a big city hospital but eventually moved to a small town hospital. Of course when she is on the job she has to wear scrubs to prevent the spreading of germs and bacteria.

Its important to keep the surgical environment completely germ free, and wearing medical scrubs is only one of the precautions that are taken by the staff. You have probably seen the doctors and nurses on tv washing their hands and arms for what seems to be a long time and even using a brush to make sure that they are sanitary and germ free.

Of course the doctors and nurses in surgery can't forget to cover their hair. For this they use scrub hats. Its all part of the master design to make sure that they can perform surgery, which entails actually opening up the human body, and then closing off the wound, all without introducing foreign bacteria that might complicate the healing process. I think some of the scrub uniforms look nice, and now they even come in designer fashions. The medical field is one of necessity and also of great interest to me. I have considered going into a medical based job myself. A secret desire of mine is to be a nurse, or specialist someday. Maybe an x-ray tech or respiratory therapist... Hmmmm maybe someday I will.

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