Monday, August 30, 2010

Build up your mailing list and make your business boom

Do you know how many citizens we have here in the United States? I just looked it up and we have a little over 300 million. Keep that in mind and I will tell you why later.

Ok now let me give you a scenario, who knows it might really describe you.
You have a business involving direct mail or telemarketing and you need to build your mailing list. You can get names here and there, but I'm talking about a serious marketing list! You are not messing around, you want your business to boom. So where can you get access to enough names to make your venture smoke?

I have the answer for you. The List Company can provide you with consumer mailing lists from their extensive database that contains more than 14 million US businesses and, get ready for this, 300 million US consumers! That means that you would have access to practically every person in our great nation. Now that is what I call  a mailing list! In case that doesn't impress you let me tell you that our government, Fortune 500, and many others use The List Company for their marketing data. When it comes to list brokers, they are head and shoulders above the rest.

If you are serious about finding new customers for your business, you won't do any better than The List Company. Go check them out!

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