Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Winter is here and work is slow

Snow, snow, snow, and cold! Winter is here full force and there is snow on the ground and more on the way. Last night the temperature dropped down to about 0 degrees. Its the coldest my wife has experienced. She is from the Philippines and she has been staying in the house most of the time, with the heat turned up. Actually the cold doesn't bother her nearly as much as I thought it might. She takes the extreme temperatures as well, maybe better than I do. On a more serious note, I will probably go sign up for unemployment tomorrow. The slow economy and the bad weather combined is just too much for my job and we ran out of work today. Oh well, its more time to spend here at home with my lovely wife. I just hope I can get enough money on unemployment to pay the bills and eat. Actually we will just get in our waiting week on unemployment this week and who knows, we may never get to use it. Better safe than sorry though so we want the waiting week over so we have the protection of getting a paycheck every week, either from work or from unemployment benefits. Thank goodness for unemployment insurance. Many people are using it right now and its all that is keeping food on the table for them. The holidays are over and I have to say that even though Christmas didn't pan our quite like we had hoped, I stil enjoyed it. My wife was here with me this year and that made everything special. My mother went into the hospital 2 days after Christmas with what we thought was a heart attack, but then they couldn't find anything wrong with her. We still don't know what it was, but thank goodness she seems to be ok. Everyone have a wonderful week and God bless you!

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