Friday, January 29, 2010

The Green Police are fun, but their job is important

The Glastonbury Festival is an event that is lots of fun, but there has to be rules even at fun events. Thats where the Green Police come in. They walk about the grounds dressed in fun and sometimes sexy costumes helping to keep order. They are looking for recruits right now so if you would like to be one of them, click this link for a Green Police application. Their accomplishments include helping to keep the amount of litter down by encouraging people to pick it up, put it in a trash can or recycle. They also prevent people from urinating in the hedgerows and water, make sure that people don't throw their cigarette butts down at random, etc. The Green Police also help greatly in the prevention of violence and they teach respect for our earth and wildlife. They use humour, accurate information, and even sexiness to get their point across. In short they keep things disciplined but they do it in a fun way. The Green Police do a great job but they need your help. Go check them out at the link above and if you would like to be one of them they can use your assistance. Help the keep the Glastonbury Festival clean and green. Being one of the Green Police is fun, creative, and different, but the message they carry is dead serious. Not often can we get a job that is earth changing, interesting, and downright fun! Go take a look and you may decide that you would like to be one of them!

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