Tuesday, January 19, 2010

If at first you don't fricassee, fry fry a hen!

There are so many ways to cook chicken. My wife and I are learning more and more ways. She knows some recipes from her country and I know some from here. She introduced me to the pleasures of sauce made from coconut vinegar, soy sauce, and veggies. Any kind of meat is delicious when dipped into that sauce and chicken is no exception. I introduced her to the pleasures of chicken and dumplings, rotisserie chicken, and various other kinds. She came back with chicken adobo, halang halang, and tinolang manok. We enjoy sharing things we know with each other. Its so interesting to learn things from her culture and I know she likes to learn things from me also. One thing I learned from her is that in some of the poorer areas of her country a person that is dead may have to give up their grave to someone else. That usually only happens to people who have been dead for many years and in cemetary's that are full to overflowing. There is a cemetary near to where my wife grew up that has many disintered bodies and the bones are placed around a big wooden cross in the cemetary. There is simply no more room for graves so anyone that is not buried in a sealed cement vault is subject to losing their grave. I can't imagine knowing that my loved ones had been "dug up" for any reason, but I understand that its necessary in some countries to do just that. Although many parts of the cultures of my wife and I are different, we are sometimes amazed at some of the similarities. Some of our sayings are the same, but in 2 different languages. When I first heard my wife say some things that I had heard all my life here in America, I was very surprised. I guess some of the things we think are American are actually all around the world. As time passes my wife and I will continue to learn more and more, about each other, and also about our respective countries. Our marriage becomes more and more interesting, unlike many other marriages that become dull and stale over time. Thank God for my wife!

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