Monday, January 25, 2010

The Real Estate Stimulus Bill will help you buy your new home!

If you are looking to buy a new home I have some good news for you. Our Government is giving tax credits of up to $8000 to first time home buyers, or to people who have not owned a home in the last three years. Now it has also been extended to include homeowners who wish to move on after five years of living in their current property. This tax credit is called the Real Estate Stimulus and its aimed at getting our economy moving again. This program has been extended through April 2010. All contracts will have to be written by June 10, 2010. Real estate is 21% of the gross domestic product in this country and has been the tool that has led our country out of every major downturn and recession since the 1950's. Every time a home is sold it creates 1 job for the next 12 months. You can see how important it is to our economy that we get the real estate market moving along. Thats what our government is working toward and its the reason for this stimulus. Check out the video and click on the link above and learn more. I have 2 friends that are taking advantage of this already, and it helped them a lot to be able to buy a new home for themselves.

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