Monday, January 11, 2010

Marriage and love

Tomorrow we go back to work but I'm not sure for how long. Maybe only one day. I told my wife today that I am enjoying the time off and I won't mind if we have more of it, just so its not too much. I have worked for many years with only a short vacation each year, and often no vacation at all. I like being at home with my wife and experiencing things so the time off is a blessing to me. Maybe when the day comes that I can't pay our bills I will feel differently. We live in the country, not only in the country but up in the mountains with beautiful tall trees all around. We love it here. The peace and quiet is amazing and will make a person lonely and sometimes bored until you get attuned to it. I lived up here for many years by myself and yes, sometimes I got very lonely but not now since my wife is here. I know that sometimes she gets lonely while I am at work. She usually meets me at the door with a huge smile and a hug when I get home. That means a lot to me, especially after living here alone for so long. When my wife was still in the Philippines and we were trying to get her a visa to come here,there were times that we got pretty discouraged and our faith would get weak. Thank God that everything went well and now we are together. We have a love story that is different than most. We went through many experiences and much waiting and hardships to be together. That helps us appreciate our marriage and the blessings that God has given us to permit us to spend our lives together. Here in America when people marry its easy. There is no wait, usually no hardship more difficult than deciding which bridal gown to choose. Then when people are married they often don't take it serious and divorce over any small triffle that comes along. When a couple marries like my wife and I did you have much time to consider, much time to make sure that you really are in love, much time to long for and dream of life together. It was a special day when I got to bring my wife here to our home for the first time. That was nearly a year ago and we haven't looked back since. Heres to all true love. May the world someday once again be full of it. May people take love and relationships more seriously. May we move away from so much material covetry and just live a simple, good life, full of love, peace, and happiness. Thats what I wish for you my friends. May God bless....

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