Saturday, January 23, 2010

Save water and our future at the same time

My friends, I am going to give you a tip on how you can save money, but also how you can save something that is more precious than money. Its something that our world is gradually losing day by day. I am talking about water. Not just any water but water that is pure enough to be inside our plumbing and our homes. We are using up our fresh water resources as exorbitantly and unthinkingly as we use everything else. Its important that we pause now and start making a change in our lifestyles before its too late. So how can we do that? One of the best ways to save water is also one of the most simple. Just install a Dual Flush Toilet from Select A Flush. In case you are not familiar with what dual flush toilets do, they give you 2 ways to flush. One is just a rinse flush and uses a small amount of water. If you need a bigger flush you can use the full flush. Its as easy as which way you pull the handle. It doesn't sound like much to save water does it? Well it is much. It will save a family of 4 about 18,000 gallons per year. Enough to fill a swimming pool! It will also save enough money to quickly pay for the conversion. After that the savings are all yours to pocket. If you would like to learn more check out Low Flow Toilets and get an education about our water resources and how to make them last. Check out the dual flush conversion kits. They are easy to install and you will be amazed at how much water they save. Take a look at the blog on the Select A Flush site. Read the informative articles and learn more about converting your toilet to Dual Flush. Lets all get together and take care of this planet so it will still be great and habitable for our children and grandchildren!

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