Thursday, January 28, 2010

Big ice storm on the way

Oh noooooooo. Tonight our forcast is giving a large amount of freezing rain and sleet Tomorrow is snow all day. I don't mind the snow much but freezing rain sucks! One year ago we had a huge ice storm. The biggest in the history of our state. The electric power went off and I sat in the dark for 16 days. Have you ever had to go with no electricity for that long? Let me tell you that it is awful. I had no tv, no computer, no lights, no water, and very little patience lol. When the power finally came on I was so accustomed to being in the dark that for a few days afterwards I would go around in the house and forget to turn on the lights. How silly! What made it even worse is that of course exactly at that time I got notice that my wife, who lived in the Philippines at that time, was scheduled for her visa interview in Manila. I had to plan for all of that, the medical exam, book my flight over and hers back with me, get hotels, etc etc, and all with no electricity. Somehow I pulled it off and got it all done. I am hoping that this storm that is coming now will not cut off the power like last year, but I am afraid it will. If you don't see any new posts on this blog for awhile thats why. Everyone take care and God bless you all, have a great weekend!!!

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