Sunday, January 24, 2010

Full moons, do they change our behavior?

Ever notice that when the moon is full your emotions change and things seem to go wrong more? It happens too often to be circumstantial. I have observed myself and the guys I work with for many years, and every time the moon is full our moods go sour and the equipment seems to give us more trouble. I think that people have been observant of this phenomenom for many years. Perhaps thats why we have stories of werewolfs coming out on the full moon. It seems to be a good time for murder. So what does the full moon really do? There are a lot of skeptics that say it does nothing at all. Some of those skeptics did some research in Dade County, Miami over a 15 year period. They were very surprised to find that the rate of murders rose and fell with the changing of the moon, and it was nearly infallible over the entire 15 year period. To make sure it wasn't just a fluke they did the experiment again in Cuyahoga County in Ohio. Once again the murder rate fluctuated right along with the changing of the moon. Other reports have shown that surgery patients have 82% more bleeding crises during the full moon than at a new moon. The very word "Lunatic" is derived from "lunar", which means moon. So what happens that causes so much change when our moon is full? The full moon causes an increased positive ion level and our hormones react to it. That leads to a lot of emotional changes such as depression, hyperactivity, road rage, violent behavior, and even increased asthma attacks and migraines. Even bees will sting more readily during that time. In some of the Middle East countries judges are more lenient if a crime is committed during a time when positive ion winds are stronger. About 3 out of 4 people react favorably to increased negative ions but surprisingly the rest react in just the opposite way. They get happy and euphoric on high ion days and bored on low ion days. A full moon happens when the moon is on the opposite side of the earth from the sun. Actually most of the scientific community still believe that a full moon doesn't change our behavior. They say that the studies that show otherwise are inconsistent. Well maybe, but my own private studies show otherwise. I know that my own mood often goes bad during a full moon. I know that things seem somewhat out of control and it seems that trouble abounds during a full moon. Sometimes it gets so bad that I want to grow hair all over my body, get some big teeth, howl at the white circle above, and go hunting..........

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