Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Different foods and cultures

My wife cooked pancit for supper tonight. Pancit is a Filipino food that is made from small noodles, veggies, meat, etc etc. Its very good and filling. Its also healthy. Most of the Filipino food that she cooks for me is very much healthier than a lot of our American food is. Filipino's use a lot of veggies, rice, soy sauce, coco vinegar, and seafood in their recipes and its yummy! I miss the Philippines and I am sure my wife does too. Her oldest brother is going to Manila this very day and I guess he will stay there. Manila can be a dangerous place, but its also a very interesting place to visit. So much culture. An American has to be careful there to avoid getting robbed. Pickpockets abound, and sometimes even taxi drivers will take you to a dark alley and rob you. People are poor there and they do whatever it takes to survive I guess. I suggest if you ever visit the Philippines that you eat their food. They do great at cooking food they understand but not so good at cooking American food. Hamburgers, mashed potatoes, etc can be found there but usually are not very good. Well, its back to work tomorrow! I don't know if we will work for 2 days in a row or not. I think we may actually get too. Good gosh I hope not. No need to go at this work thing all at once. I need to ease back into it slowly lol. God bless you all and have a great remainder of the week!

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