Saturday, January 16, 2010

Playing video games can be adddicting

My wife loves to play an online game called Shaiya. She has become an addict, and her sisters have as well. I am glad though, because it gives her something fun to do while I am at work. She works hard here at home but when she has extra time the game gives her a way to pass the time and not be so lonely. Shaiya really is a fun game. I played it too for awhile, but I played so many video games when I was young that I don't get addicted to them now. What I am addicted to is the internet. To me a day without being on the internet is a day that is lacking. I love computers and I love to search for information on the internet. Its so nice to have a world of knowledge at my fingertips. I well remember before computers. When we wanted to find out about something we just had to go to a library and search until we found it. My favorite video Games are the Need For Speed games. I love car racing. The one I have played most is Porsche Unleashed. I would love to have a real Porsche but I'm a few grand short. Maybe someday my ship will come in and I will be racing a real car....

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  1. I am addicted of Shaiya game too. I am 60 years old but it doesn't matter. Some people say age doesn't matter. In biblical we have to act like a child. You're right playing online games or video games is can be addicted.