Friday, January 8, 2010

The cold here cuts to the bone!

My wife has finally got to see what true cold is. The winter here is especially hard this year. We have had more snow than usual and this week has been bitterly cold. The temperature at night has dipped down to about 0 and the wind chill is much colder. Our water is frozen so we are hauling water from a nearby spring. I know that sounds like hardship but its kind of neat really. Almost like camping out. Our chicken houses are snug as chicken houses go, but even so the chickens water is freezing into a solid block in a short time. I know they must get thirsty but we can't keep them in fresh warm water all the time since our water is frozen too. Tonight the forcast is once again for about 0, but Sunday is supposed to be a little warmer, and next week is supposed to be warmer yet. The only bad thing about that is that when the ground thaws it will turn to mud. I'm not complaining though. Its a neat time of year, and its the first winter my wife has got to share with me. Our little dog seems lonely because we don't go outside a lot. She jumps all over us when we do go out. Don't worry about her. She has a pretty snug house that we built for her. She loves to go into the woods and chase whatever animals she can find. She amuses us a lot because she is a amall dog but she will chase anything that will run. I guess sometimes they may chase her too lol. There has been snow on the ground here for a week now. It shows no sign of melting but it does slowly evaporate. Eventually it will be gone. By then maybe we will get more. My wife and I haven't got out much lately so I don't have anything really interesting to write about. Hopefully spring will be here soon and we will fire up the motorcycle and go for a trip. Then I will regale you with our experiences. God bless all of you. Take care and drive carefully if your weather is as bad as here...

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