Thursday, January 21, 2010

Hope my wife will buy this watch for me

Nothing says "I love you" like a nice watch. My wife is from the Philippines and our relationship was carried on halfway around the world from each other for nearly 3 years. One of the first gifts I sent to her was a watch. When I went to the Philippines to visit her and her family I bought all of them watches as gifts. I remember when I was a child and my parents bought my first watch. I was so happy and I wore that watch for several years. I thought it would never wear out. It was a Bulova. That watch convinced me that one of the best watches in the world is a Bulova because it lasted so long even though I was a child playing rough games. Bulova is still one of the nicest and longest lasting watches you can get. I love the Bulova chronograph watches . Maybe my wife will get me one for my birthday. I have found a nice watch on a website called Blue Dial. You can see it in the picture. Blue Dial has great prices with free shipping and free sizing. Go take a look, they have many brands to choose from, such as Seiko, ESQ, Citizen, Casio, Movado, and many more. Its easy to shop by brand name and find exactly what you're looking for. Actually I may try to convince my wife to buy me a watch now because we can save up to 70%. If she will order soon we can get it by Valentines Day. Hmmmm maybe I will get her one for a surprise......

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