Thursday, September 2, 2010

Why do we classify people in different social categories?

It is interesting how we conduct ourselves differently in different social situations. When we are with people we trust or feel equal too, we are confident and sometimes even cocky. When we are with people that we feel inferior too we may be shy and quiet. When we are with people we feel superior too, for whatever reason, we may actually act superior, perhaps by ignoring them or putting down their ideas. What makes us feel like we are more or less, depending on who we are with?

Most of us hide those feelings of inferiority or superiority well but some do not. It always irritates me to be with someone who treats me like a good friend and an equal if we are alone, but treats me as an inferior if there is someone else present that they feel is higher on the social totem pole. We here in the south call that being two faced. It is a condition that affects a lot of people.

Really, are any of us superior or inferior to other people? From my experience we are all superior in some ways and inferior in others. We have our strengths and our faults. Even the dumbest among us can still teach us something and even the smartest can be wrong. I wish that we could just accept everyone as a unique person and combine all of our talents for the good of everyone. So much of our energy and creativeness is wasted on trying to impress, or afraid of being ridiculed. Maybe we all just need to grow up and realize that we are only one of more than 6 billion people on this earth. It is doubtful that we are either better or worse than the majority.

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