Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Google has done it again

Lo and behold, the Google demons have hit my blog once again. My page rank went from 4 down to NA over night. NA is exactly the equivalent of nothing so I have a 0 page rank now. They also got my wife and sister in law the same day. I have no idea why but I really wish people would stop giving so much credence to Google’s shenanigans. I have exactly the same blog now that I had when it had a higher page rank. Just because Google decides to cut my rank doesn’t mean that my blog is worthless.

Google has the power to hurt us only because we let them. People, stop putting so much stock in their page rank ratings. Why you ask? I will tell you why. I went to a blog a few days ago that my wife tells me has a consistent rank of 4, and it never falls, even when Google gets the rest of us. I was curious to see how the guy manages to keep his high rank so I took a look. Guess what I found; I found a blog that is written in English that is so bad that the sentences often do not even make sense. Basically its a worthless blog because the articles are worded more like a spam email than an informative article.After trying mightily, and reading it over and over, I still could not understand what the guy was talking about. So how does the page rank stay at a consistent 4? I have no idea. My blog is well written and the spelling is usually good; sometimes I even write something useful, but that counts for nothing. Google, for all I care you can pucker your sweet lil lips and kiss me right where the sun doesn’t shine!

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