Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Understanding Multiple Sclerosis better

One of the most debilitating diseases that we have to fear is multiple sclerosis. So what exactly is MS? It is a disease in which the insulation around the nerves is attacked and is gradually lost. This insulation is called myelin and when it is lost the nerves short out just like electrical wiring without insulation. This of course causes the signals sent to the nerves by the brain to get confused, lost, or misdirected. MS symptoms are many, including difficulty making certain movements, fatigue, depression, visual dysfunction, pain, tremor, even bowel and urinary dysfunction, plus many more. It really is a terrible disease and one that needs a lot of understanding.

It is not known for certain what causes MS but it is considered to be an autoimmune disease. That means that a person's immune system, which is normally responsible for killing unwelcome viruses and bacteria in our bodies, attacks normal body tissue instead. A lot of things have influence over our immune system, such as stress or foreign substances. MS may be sometimes genetically caused, and having family members with the disease does increase the possibility of a person getting MS, but many people have the disease while none of their family is affected.

While it is wise to eat and live healthy, there is no evidence showing that an MS diet is beneficial to helping the disease. The diets are not harmful but can be an added useless expense; However eating wisely is only common sense because a body with good nutrition is naturally stronger and better suited to fighting MS. If you would like to know more about multiple sclerosis, the symptoms, news, and questions and answers, just click on one of the links above. It will take you to a site dedicated to helping people understand all about multiple sclerosis.

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