Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Las Vegas trip prep

When it comes to getting ready to leave on any trip I like to make sure that all my things are in order and I have everythign that I can plan out planned. My wife's even worse at doing that because she'll go as far to make checklists for what we're going to do and set aside certain amounts of money for certain things.

Now doing stuff like that is actually pretty smart but not everyone will go to that trouble even though they probably should. We were getting ready for an upcoming Vegas trip next week and planning out our budget and what not when I decided to go to one of the Miracle Ear locations near us. I had been meaning to go to one for a while now and had been putting off doing it. My wife pointed out that I'd probably have more fun on our trip if I could hear better and she was right.

So I finally went to Miracle Ear and got the hearing aids I had been wanting for a while. I was glad that I decided to do that and I think my wife was grateful too. I think our trip to Vegas is goign to be even better this year.

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