Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Too much or not enough

Finally we are getting some much needed rain. Not a lot yet, but it is welcome nonetheless. Sometimes the weather can get pretty weird and it makes me wonder how much the pollution that we put out affects the regulation of our weather. Maybe we are reaping what we have sowed in the past. Last winter we got so much rain and snow that we were worried about mud slides. The ground was saturated until it was nearly soupy.

If you took the moisture we have received in the last year and averaged it out, I think it would be enough to keep the ground well watered for the whole year. Unfortunately the rain all fell in a short time, and when it stopped, it really stopped. This has been the hottest, driest, and most humid summer I can remember. The heat was terrible, but now it is cool and fall is near. I am ready! I was completely sick of being hot and miserable. Hopefully the rain will keep coming for awhile. Then I will probably be complaining about too much lol.

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