Sunday, September 12, 2010

We got some new turbo cookers!

What a great weekend it has been! I didn't have to work Saturday after all and my wife and I went to visit my mother and sister. We took some take out Chinese food and we just sat and talked a lot. Then we took some pictures and went to visit my father’s grave. We have a small family cemetery on my sisters farm. The weather is superb and today we mowed our lawn and sat outside in the yard swing for awhile. We got some new cookware given to us as a gift yesterday, a couple of turbo cookers, and this morning we tried them out. Wow, they cook pretty well. We cooked some chicken wings in the bottom and some veggies in the top section of the cooker. Since we got 2 of the cookers we cooked more veggies in the second and had a feast. It was a good healthy meal with practically no fat. We added some spices and seasonings but very little oil. I think the healthy meal is what gave us the energy to mow the lawn later lol.

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