Wednesday, September 1, 2010

HP has great warranty service. I am very impressed!

I am impressed with a company and I want to tell you about it. No this is not an advertisement. This is my opinion, given freely, because of good service I have received.

A few days ago our laptop, which we purchased last winter, stopped charging. It is an HP and after discovering that there was no quick fix I called their service center. The technician walked me through dismantling and testing the laptop and finally came to the same conclusion that I had. The charger or the charger plug was bad. They agreed to send me a new one free of charge.

I was glad to get the laptop repaired at no cost, but I thought it would be down for several weeks until they finally got around to sending me the charger. I was wrong! I got an email from them the very next day saying that the charger had been shipped overnight express delivery. Wow! That means we should get it today and I only called them the day before yesterday, late afternoon. They actually paid the extra shipping so our laptop would be up and running again soon. The charger hasn't come yet but we are waiting and expecting it to be here any minute. Thank you Hewlett Packard for a job well done, I am very impressed with your good service!

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