Friday, September 24, 2010

Blogging is my answer to becoming a writer

I have always had secret notions to someday become a writer. The problem was, I never knew exactly what I wanted to write about. I thought about trying to write some full length books, but I just never could find the patience or time, or a subject that I knew enough about. I even thought about trying to write some short children’s books, but I really wasn't interested in going to all the trouble of trying to get my books published. It just didn't seem worth it, plus I thought that I might not be a good enough writer to be noticed. So what was the solution? I had a lot of words to say, but really no way to say them so all the people of the world could read, if they chose.

Blogging was the answer to my problem. Here I get to write about any and everything that pops into my head. I get to state my opinion, complain about things that bother me, and even write poetry or songs for my wife. I don't get rich doing it, but I do get satisfaction. That is all I ever really wanted as a writer, or even in life. I know that my grammar is not always correct and sometimes I mis-spell a word. That is ok because I know that people can still get the meaning of what I write. What is important is that we get our message across to others. Both written and spoken words are intended for only that. Having good grammar is nice, but as long as my readers understand what I mean, my work is successful.

I will never be a Stephen King, or a Louis L'Amour, but on the other hand, I am not caught in the trap of having to write to please anyone. Neither am I stuck writing westerns or horror stories. I can write, or try to write that kind of stories on my blog if I choose, but I can also just tell you, my readers, what I did today. I can tell you of my love for my wife. I can talk about how we watered our garden or went to visit a cave or amusement park. Some of my articles you will find boring. So do I, but they chronicle a short space of my life. Hopefully you will also find some of my words interesting, entertaining, maybe even helpful to you in your travel through life. If so, then I am successful and I thank you for taking the time to come here to visit me.

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