Sunday, September 19, 2010

Improve your site traffic with Vancouver Web Design

When someone is using their computer to surf the web, they usually don't spend a lot of time on any particular web site. The reason is that there are just so many possibilities to look at, so if the web site doesn't catch their attention within a few seconds, the surfer will be off and gone to the next site. That is why web design is so important. It is vital that the site’s design gets their message across loud and clear, and in a very short time.

This can be done by delivering key messages in a short, logical, and simple structure. Another key element is having strong imagery, and text that is worded so that it catches your eye. For example, suppose that you are standing in a gravel covered parking lot. You look down for a gravel to pick up and throw. What makes you decide which gravel to choose? Something captures your attention and makes you notice the chosen one more. It works the same with a web site; you have to be noticed to be chosen.

The truth is that there is nearly an infinite amount of information on the internet. It grows every minute of every day. People are used to getting what they want quickly and efficiently. Our patience seems to get less and less as time passes. We want what we want, when we want it. Having the proper navigation and architecture on your site will mean the difference to having a lot of traffic, or a little. If you choose to have a lot of traffic, as I am sure you will, you need Vancouver Web Design. They are experts at providing all of the services I mentioned above. Set your sites high and check them out!

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