Sunday, September 5, 2010

Live life for the moments that take your breath away

Remember when you seen your baby child for the first time? Remember when you first saw the Grand Canyon in all its grandeur? Remember when you met your mate and knew that it was right? How about when you first tasted ice cream? These are all moments that take our breath away, and yes, that is the meaning of life. All the rest is just filler; something to pass the time. If it wasn't for the moments that take our breath away, life would be just a monodrone of boredom. I have no idea if monodrone is really a word, or what it means, but it seems to fit. It is sort of a literary moment that took my breath away.

There is a song about the moments that take our breath away, and there is another song about a man that got bad news in his early 40's. He found out that he was going to die. He decided to live the rest of his life like every day was his life. He went sky diving, Rocky Mountain climbing. He went 2.7 seconds on a bull named Fu Manchu. He loved deeper, well you know the rest. He told his friend that he hoped someday he also would get the chance to live like he was dying.

After a life of being too cautious, and pretty much staying on the porch, I found out that sometimes we have to let ourselves go; reach out for what we want and love. I did that, with many qualms and fears. Now I am married to the most wonderful young lady that I have ever known. She is from another country and it took so much to get her here with me, work, money, worry, but it was worth it and I feel blessed to have her as my wife. My advise to you, my readers, is this; don't let life pass you by. There is more to life than your career. There is more to life than the old routine you go through each day, each week, each month...... Branch out. Live your life. I don't mean that you have to do stupid things that risk’s your life, you don’t have to be famous, rich, or noticed by others every day; but do make time for yourself and your dreams. Have some fun so that someday you won't have regrets of a wasted life. My wish for you is that you too will someday get to live like you are dying. Love and peace to you!

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