Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Are we on the only inhabited planet?

Ever wonder if we live on the only inhabited planet in space? I have wondered about it many times, but I don’t think I will ever know for sure. Of course it seems presumptuous to assume that out of the trillions of rocks floating around in space, we have the only one containing life.

I take the religious viewpoint that God created all life on this earth, but as far as I know the bible doesn’t say that we are the only ones. For this reason I personally don’t believe that it goes against religious teachings to admit that there may be other “earths” out there somewhere. God created us with free will so we can make our own decisions. Following that course of thought it is only common sense to say that God didn’t permit himself to know our outcome. If he had he would have saved himself a lot of trouble by not creating us in the first place.

So it appears that we were possibly an experiment that God did to see how beings with the will to think and decide would live their lives. I know from reading the bible that God was disappointed with us and was going to eradicate us from the earth at one time. Are there other experiments on other planets? It seems reasonable to think it may be so. I wonder if they are succeeding any better than this one????

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